Our company started business in 1991. The main focus is electrical work and offer complete electrical installation materials and accessories for individuals and large companies. We received a certificate for electric metering distributors REH in 1999, allowing us to expand our business and better adapted to the requirements of our clients. Further, even greater expansion came in 2005, when it was certified production system LV switchboards up to 1000 A electrical work, surface treatment of metals by ISO 9001:2000. Thanks to the success transmission for further increases.


At present, our company strives to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign customers. In addition to the successful penetration in several markets in Europe are expanding product portfolio and increase the quality of products and services. Product portfolio is more heading to the suppliers. Throughout our operations, our priority is to provide first-class and affordable full service. We approach to each customer individually and provide customized solutions; whether the design of electrical equipment, delivery or installation of products. Currently, we focused on the delivery of comprehensive services in the photovoltaics field - from design to actual installation and commissioning. We doesn´t neglect the impact on the environment - our products are sanitized. In 2013, the company focused on our own production of industrial lightings named LAURA. These products are tested at FEI Bratislava, with whom we have good quality and fruitful cooperation. 


Our objective in the short term is to fight stable place on the top of the domestic market and to remain on top. In the long term we want to maintain steady growth in the value of the company and continue to expand abroad. Our employees in their area are continuous training and attend training to keep them constantly in touch with the latest technology in the field of photovoltaics and electrical installations. Also thanks to the pursuit of modern trends we are always one step ahead compared to the competition. We believe that education and modern technology are the future, it is the direction we want to go. We aim to bring you more and better services and products.

Sheltered Workshop

Our company has granted the status of protected works
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